Canvas has been a popular way to print photos for many years. Your photo is printed with high resolution on canvas and then stretched professionally on a wooden frame.

Pictures on canvas will last so much longer than normal paper prints.

Canvas prints will easily last for many decades, even over a hundred years, before they require any type of special treatment.

Take a look at a paper print and then a canvas print and you will immediately notice a big difference. Since paper is flat and canvas is made of woven materials, the canvas prints will always have a depth to them that makes the picture stand out and come alive.

Traditional paper prints need to rest behind a sheet of glass, which in a bright room often exhibit glare or reflection, making sometimes the photo impossible to view. With a canvas print the end result is a work, offering you the flexibility of positioning it without the need for specific lighting.

The solid wood frame photo on canvas has an enormous stability.

Canvas printing offers you the most cost-effective way of printing your photos in any preferred size.